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By: eleasekemph | January 23, 2018


Sitting on your homemade dock is one of the best experiences of enjoying life in the waterfront. The dock serves as a perfect comrade to your outdoor space. Therefore, you should ensure your dock is appropriately constructed. Some of the tools which are required to build a suitable wharf include screws and fasteners, a deck bumper, a sturdy ladder, treated planks of lumber, cordless drill handy saw, a measuring tool among others.

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Before you start building your dock, you should have a clear plan of how you want your dock to look like. It's sage to measure the depth of the water where you will be using your dock and verify the bottom conditions of the water. This is essential in determining the kind of support poles or rods that you will need to use on your dock. It's also good to conduct thorough online research on how docks are built. The study is supposed to guide you in making a sturdy wharf.

It's also paramount to find the right treated lumber for building your dock. Treated lumbers are recommended since they can withstand all kinds of water such as sea water as well as salt water. You should first find out the type of water that's available in your locality so that when you go to the supply center, it will be easier for the supplier to assist you in choosing the right quality of lumber which suits you.

When constructing your dock, you can ask your friends assistance in the installation of support poles. If the waterfront is shallow, you should use a firm ladder, but if the water is intense, it's advisable to use a boat. After installing the rods, it's advisable to use bolts and screws to fasten the stingers. Your stringers should be high enough to avoid water from flooding in your dock during the flood season. You should leave the correct spacing between the decking boards to enable rainwater to seep through.

Remember to attach the bumpers to the exterior of your dock to protect the dock when boats are parked close to docks. Some people have water phobia, and they need handrails to assist them getting on the dock. If your dock is shared with family members where children are included, then you should consider attaching firm handrails on the side of your dock for support. When building your dock, you are at liberty of accessorizing it to your satisfaction as long as the poles are firm enough to support the weight of your dock.

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